Natural Hygiene Haul

I have been working hard trying to bring you something new. I’ve been considering making some changes to my lifestyle in order to reduce my toxic load. Today I have a video for you to check out. Watch to see what I got during my natural hygiene haul.



Teenage-Face Attack

I have recently struggled with some unsightly acne. Scars and all. I thought I was past the awkward and embarrassing part of life (at least as far as my skin was concerned). I never really had a skin routine, although, I have tried on several occasions to start one. My unspoken philosophy was basically wash in the morning, if it’s dirty at night… How dirty? Wash again? In other words, no rhyme or reason. I’m still not sure as to what really caused my major breakout. I eat like crap, I am stressed like most people with a job,  I don’t drink enough water, no supplements and no routine. How could I just pinpoint one cause?

My face got so bad that it was drawing unwanted attention. Damn, what’s going on? Or What’s up with you? That’s the comments I would get about the acne that was obviously torturing me. After some deep thought and some serious trial and error I had to admit defeat. But let me not get ahead of myself, the trial and error part was kind of brutal. I changed my face wash, nope. I started to wash morning and night, nope. Changing my pillowcases more often, not it either. Then I tried to do a regimen similar to what was suggested on


Okay, so, I did not personally purchase any of their products but I did do their skin quiz thing online. It was helpful at the time and gave me some tips on what it could be that was causing the breakouts. Issue being, I am on a budget! I could not afford their products. I was fortunate to have a friend who was using their products who was willing to let me sample their benzoyl peroxide before I purchased anything. Good thing she did too! The benzoyl was definitely an improvement but I was still not up to 100%. I was frustrated. I felt like I was doing everything right: I slowly introduced the benzoyl peroxide according to the websites instructions, I was gentle with my face, cleansing regularly, moisturizing, and wearing SPF and using jojoba oil to seal in the moisture. All this and my face was still broken out, irritated, and dry. I even cleansed at night, used benzoyl then, and waited until it dried before using a night time moisturizer. My skin was at a standstill and all I had accomplished was dying my pillow covers and sheets (warning: benzoyl peroxide stains  smh).

After all the grueling thought over my not-so-lovely facial bumps I thought I had figured it out. Finally, I went in to the doctor armed with pics (above) of when “it was even worse,” the info on everything I was using at the time, and most importantly how I thought she could help me with this problem. I broke it all down for her and we chatted. The answer to it all: Birth Control. Oh no, she didn’t need to put me on some to clear my acne up! Birth control was the culprit all along and it committed the crime in the library with a billy club, or so it felt (did I mention the bumps were itchy and painful, well they were).

My doctor is amaze-balls and I wish I could keep her forever. She was able to prescribe a topical cream that combines benzoyl peroxide and an antibiotic to help treat my acne. I had to discontinue the use of the other benzoyl peroxide though. I continued with my face routine- the one good that came from this terrible experience, and my face soon cleared up. Now, I only use the prescription as needed for spot treatment but I rarely have any breakouts. That’s the good thing about developing a routine. My skin isn’t perfect and never will be but if I need to be flawless one day then that’s what I have make up for lol.

It gets better from here.

-Endia XO 💋

DIY Moisturizing Face Gel

I have always had normal/dry skin, depending on the season. With the winter season in Ohio approaching my skin has been changing. During the warmer months my skin was hydrated (few dry spots), blemish free and glowing. The cleansers I use, based on the needs of my skin at that time, are still working but I want to switch to using more natural products. I have yet to finish the cleansers but the moisturizers were the real problem. All of the ones that worked separately on my face for different issues were now aiding my breakouts, drying my skin out even more, or leaving my face feeling extra greasy or sticky.

Recently I set out on a mission to find a new natural/organic facial moisturizer. After researching and attempting to shop I was too confused and frustrated to continue on. After all, my budget is real and some of the products can get expensive. I gave up and decided I would make my own. I looked on Pinterest at several post and decided on a base that will work best for my skin (I did not think that coconut oil would be a good base for my confused skin). I concocted my own moisturizer.

Moisturizing Face Gel Ingredients

Moisturizing Face Gel Ingredients

DIY Moisturizing Face Gel

3 oz bottle (travel size)

Aloe Vera gel (a little less than half of the bottle)

Water (about a tsp)

Sweet almond oil (8 drops)

Vegetable glycerin (2 drops)

Essential oils of choice (I used 6 drops of tea tree oil and 12 drops lavender)

Jojoba oil (4 drops)

*These are not exact measurements. I did have to tweak my ingredients. The bottle was small enough for me to eyeball it.** Play with different formulas until you get the right results for your skin.*** Do not fill your bottle all the way up to the top. Leaving a little extra room in the bottle will allow the ingredients to mix better and space to add any ingredients later.

My face before moisturizing. Note the dry areas around my mouth.

My face before moisturizing. Note the dry areas around my mouth. I had not moisturized my lips yet either.

I applied the moisturizing face gel (MFG) to a clean, dry face in the morning. Soon after the application the dry patches around my mouth (problem area) were still visible (less so, but still noticeable). I applied MFG again paying special attention to the dry spots. My skin around my mouth had dried out so fast that I added the following 3 ounce bottle the next day.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (about 2 drops)

Jojoba oil (2 drops)

Prior to adding the additional oils I had tried the original MFG overnight to see how it affected my skin. Usually I wake up very oily. When I awoke the next morning I did notice a big difference. My face was not as gross as usual. I was less oily and was able to get a nice clean feel without the use of my Clarisonic. I was pleased but there was still the issue of all-day-wear. So I proceeded as planned and added the new oils to the original MFG.

The addition of these two oils made my skin feel fully hydrated after one application. I was actually able to see some other parts of my face were not only dry, but also raw. The MFG did not further irritate those spots but soothed them. However, I will have to spot treat for a little extra TLC (possibly by using Shea butter overnight with MFG).

Tips: 1). Research your oils and products prior to use, 2). Do a spot test on an arm or leg to make sure you do not have any allergies or sensitivities, 3). Beware of too much oil it could make you shiny or… oily, 4). The cost of oils can get expensive. It is my opinion that I get more bang for my buck when I purchase items separately rather then already mixed. Most oils have a good shelf life and if stored properly can last a long time. It is more cost-efficient for me to replenish an oil for a DIY than to buy a product I’m not sure as far as both the ingredients and the results. Plus, with the oil on hand there are more opportunities for fine-tuning and other projects.

I hope this helps out if you’re looking for a DIY moisturizer. Let me know how it goes if you try it out and how you made it work for you.

UPDATE: If you make this moisturizer I suggest storing in a glass container so that the oils are not disturbed by the plastic. Also, I have discontinued my use of this moisturizer. Some time long after making this moisturizer I had some challenges with my skin which were unrelated to this moisturizer. You can read about that here.

Let your radiance shine through,