Friendship: Finding your Squad

I don’t know if I would say that I have a hard time making friends, but I do have a hard time keeping them. Like most, I have seen people (“Friends”) come and go. Fake friends have taught me valuable life lessons about trust and the mistakes that I made along the way. Really I should thank all the fake friends that have come my way because they have helped to become a better person. Friendships, whether good or bad, helped me to learn what I needed from these relationships and also how to be a more sensitive and supportive friend to someone else.

Although I am still learning a lot, and hope to always learn more, here are some key things that I learned so far about friendship:

1. Less is More

Juggling a bunch of different people can get messy and be exhausting as well. Sometimes it may be best for everyone if your focus is on less people and you aren’t spread so thin.

2. Me Time

When you vibe well with another person it can be tempting to want to spend a little more of your time with that person. Keep in mind that having time to yourself or just away from your friend can make your relationship stronger. Oh, and then they won’t find you annoying (lol jk, kinda)

3. Two-way Street

Any time you have a true friend they will care about you. Friends should not make you feel bad or undervalued. That is not a friend. Friends won’t encourage you to makes poor decisions either. These type of relationships are toxic. Friends should take interest in things you’re passionate about even if they cannot relate. Friends should encourage and inspire, and even challenge you to be a better you, not another them.

10 Reasons MY Friends are Awesome (a summary)

  1. You make me laugh
  2. You listen
  3. You don’t judge
  4. You think I’m cool
  5. We have fun doing nothing
  6. We are comfortable around each other
  7. You inspire me and challenge me to be more 
  8. Our differences complement each other
  9. We can talk forever
  10. You call me out in my bull💩 to my face, and I can do the same

I hope that all of you have friends that improve your life and make you laugh.

Share this post with your friends and let them know how special they are to you.

-Endia XO💋


Special thanks to my friends for your love and support. I appreciate your help and want you to know that you are a special part of my life. ❣️