Teenage-Face Attack

I have recently struggled with some unsightly acne. Scars and all. I thought I was past the awkward and embarrassing part of life (at least as far as my skin was concerned). I never really had a skin routine, although, I have tried on several occasions to start one. My unspoken philosophy was basically wash in the morning, if it’s dirty at night… How dirty? Wash again? In other words, no rhyme or reason. I’m still not sure as to what really caused my major breakout. I eat like crap, I am stressed like most people with a job,  I don’t drink enough water, no supplements and no routine. How could I just pinpoint one cause?

My face got so bad that it was drawing unwanted attention. Damn, what’s going on? Or What’s up with you? That’s the comments I would get about the acne that was obviously torturing me. After some deep thought and some serious trial and error I had to admit defeat. But let me not get ahead of myself, the trial and error part was kind of brutal. I changed my face wash, nope. I started to wash morning and night, nope. Changing my pillowcases more often, not it either. Then I tried to do a regimen similar to what was suggested on acne.org.


Okay, so acne.org, I did not personally purchase any of their products but I did do their skin quiz thing online. It was helpful at the time and gave me some tips on what it could be that was causing the breakouts. Issue being, I am on a budget! I could not afford their products. I was fortunate to have a friend who was using their products who was willing to let me sample their benzoyl peroxide before I purchased anything. Good thing she did too! The benzoyl was definitely an improvement but I was still not up to 100%. I was frustrated. I felt like I was doing everything right: I slowly introduced the benzoyl peroxide according to the websites instructions, I was gentle with my face, cleansing regularly, moisturizing, and wearing SPF and using jojoba oil to seal in the moisture. All this and my face was still broken out, irritated, and dry. I even cleansed at night, used benzoyl then, and waited until it dried before using a night time moisturizer. My skin was at a standstill and all I had accomplished was dying my pillow covers and sheets (warning: benzoyl peroxide stains  smh).

After all the grueling thought over my not-so-lovely facial bumps I thought I had figured it out. Finally, I went in to the doctor armed with pics (above) of when “it was even worse,” the info on everything I was using at the time, and most importantly how I thought she could help me with this problem. I broke it all down for her and we chatted. The answer to it all: Birth Control. Oh no, she didn’t need to put me on some to clear my acne up! Birth control was the culprit all along and it committed the crime in the library with a billy club, or so it felt (did I mention the bumps were itchy and painful, well they were).

My doctor is amaze-balls and I wish I could keep her forever. She was able to prescribe a topical cream that combines benzoyl peroxide and an antibiotic to help treat my acne. I had to discontinue the use of the other benzoyl peroxide though. I continued with my face routine- the one good that came from this terrible experience, and my face soon cleared up. Now, I only use the prescription as needed for spot treatment but I rarely have any breakouts. That’s the good thing about developing a routine. My skin isn’t perfect and never will be but if I need to be flawless one day then that’s what I have make up for lol.

It gets better from here.

-Endia XO 💋


Welcome to 2017

It’s New Year’s Day! You know what that means. The party is over, 2016 is behind us, and this year is full of possibilities. Most of us want to do something to improve ourselves so we say things like “new year, new me” and set resolutions that we will throw out the window as soon as they are an inconvenience. Setting goals is great, but let’s call it that. Why should we resolve to do anything that we haven’t already accomplished, especially if we’re only resolving to do something because it’s the start of a new year.

New Year’s resolutions sometimes roll over into the next years resolution and end up being things that just are never accomplished. Let’s end the cycle of disappointment in ourselves. Instead of resolutions, I vote that this year we all agree to aim higher. If we all work a little bit harder to make ourselves a little bit better then maybe, just maybe, the world would become a better place. I’m not saying that we will end wars or end hunger, but maybe you’re a little happier because you try daily to be someone that you can be proud of. An enhanced version of yourself.

That’s my aspiration for this year. To aim higher, be better, and never stop trying. I am taking every moment of every day to improve me. What else do I have to do? Sit around and be grumpy all year, then complain in December about how much 2017 sucked and how next year will be different. Nah, I’ll pass. I’m sure 2017 won’t be perfect. I, of course, want to succeed but this year I refuse to bite off more than I can chew.

If I fail it will be with grace, I will learn from it and try again. I hope you will too.




Spiced Caramel Nut Granola

This is the first post in a series of what I call “Pin There, Done, That.” Most of us have heard of the very popular site/app Pinterest, and I would go so far as to say that most of us love it. In this series, I will be documenting my experiences with trying things that I find “pinned” on Pinterest. There will be a variety of different post but I thought a recipe was a good place to start. So let’s jump in…

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 6.34.43 PM

I found this pin and decided to use this infographic as a base to create my own homemade granola. First, this pin is super easy to locate. Type in “granola” in the search bar and BOOM it is literally the first pin to pop up. For this recipe I worked with what I had and what I like. The infographic seemed suggestive in some areas so I just went with the flow. Please note that for this recipe I only referred to the infographic and did not actually click the link to the website, RecipeTin Eats until I had cleaned my kitchen and my granola was already in the oven. Continue reading


Article: “TOM” Eating Habits

TOM (or time of the month) can be tricky, and for everyone it is different. This article I just read from  Women’s Health (2014) could help you eat your way to be happier TOM. 😉


I should probably look at the websites I save to my reading list more often. I mean really, 2014 😨!


Article: GOT ** NO SPOILER** 

If you follow Game of Thrones, the famous HBO series that has had many viewers clinging to the edge of their sofas since season one, then you may have heard that there is a wait for winter to come. This article that I read today will get us fans to swirl ideas and possibilities around in our minds until cold weather returns. Click here to read. 

Mistakes and Epic Fails: Heat🔥

I grew up with natural hair and to this day I remain unrelaxed. It wasn’t exactally a choice either, it was more out of fear of going bald, because that is what people said would happen to me if I got a relaxer. These people were not professionals and had no real reason to believe that my particular hair would fall out but because of them I never got a relaxer. I wanted to be “cool” though. Girls my age were now going to the salons on the weekends with their moms and I did not feel like my press and curls were up to par. I wanted to have the ultimate cool girl hairstyle- a duby. My mom would not let me go to a salon and the lady who did my press-and-curl tried her best to give me the elements of a duby, but my hair would not catch the breeze. My hair was too pressed, and curled too tight, and there was no “flow” to it. I got frustrated and ventured off into a new world alone, the world of flat irons, curling irons, and doom.

Granted, as a girl in her early-teens could I really be trusted with the care of my own hair? NO! because soon the flat iron became my best friend and… Burn, baby BURN! My hair became totally fried. Yes, it was straight, exactly what I wanted, but my ends were breaking off and it seemed like it was getting shorter. It would be years later when I would learn what it mean to retain length or how to accomplish it. But I didn’t care then.  We didn’t have a heat protectant in our collection of hair supplies. I didn’t even know what that was, much less how or why it should be used. As far as I knew grease and oils were bad and that was the end of the story. Natural hair wasn’t a lifestyle, it just happened to grow out of my head that way. Right?

Wrong. The whole game changed when the boy I liked told me that he had been avoiding me because my hair smelled burnt.😳 OMG! I thought I would die. I washed my hair as soon as I got home from school and “cleaned” my flat iron. I took extra “care” not to burn my hair- wash, condition, moisturizing hair lotion, blow dry, and I even turned my flat iron down to straighten it. The next day I looked like a huge Frizzball, but I had hope though. Hope that everything was better, that my hair didn’t smell burnt anymore and, of course, hope that he would like me back. But when I looked at him with some much hope he looked back at me with the saddest eyes. Shoot! Still burnt and disgusting! I was so embarrassed. Dread covered me and I wanted to disappear completely.

It became a fear for me, constantly smelling my hair like the weird girl in an unwritten Lifetime movie. Eventually, it got better but that flat iron had to go! I got a new one that I felt I could trust and thankfully life went on. Getting it “right” didn’t happen right away though, and I am still learning so much.

Lessons to be learned from Heat Fail:

  1. “Natural” does not always mean you know how to care for your hair
  2. “Cool” or “trendy” hair does not aways equate to healthy hair (even if it is a natural style)
  3. Low heat styling is healthier for hair
  4. Use a heat protectant
  5. Deep conditioning is important and can help with damage hair
  6. Natural oils are awesome! Some benefits for hair grease has been appreciated by others as well
  7. Hair shouldn’t have an odor, burnt or otherwise
  8. Old or damaged styling tools can cause damage to hair. Be prepared to replace dated styling tools as needed
  9. Frizz is Be-You-TiFULL! Embrace and love your voluminous hair. Some people would gladly trade you
  10. Do not be embarrassed for what you do not know. Do your research to get accurate information on how to care for your hair. It is very much a process of trial and error.