Happy Valentine’s Day: From Us

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I asked my boyfriend to collaborate with me on this post. We decided to do our own “Top 10 List” for the Holiday so before you head out with that special someone read this Top 10 Valentines Day Ideas for Couples. The “Guys” section is his top five ways to get brownie points for the fellas, and the “Girls” section is my top 5 ways to basically not mess anything up when you can see he is trying to make you happy. (This post is best read if you read his number 1, her number 1, his number 2, her number 2, etc.)


  1. Spoil Her
  2. Do the “Vday stuff” roses, candy, etc. 
  3. Make her feel valued, put some thought into the day
  4. Take her out


  1. Pamper Him
  2. Get Him Something (he would actually like)
  3. Don’t start an unnecessary argument 
  4. Tell Him/ Show Him you LOVE Him 
  5. Say Thank You 

Bonus (from us): Make time to laugh with each other.

We really enjoyed writing this post together (Good times!), we hope you enjoy it. If so, “like” and “subscribe” to this page. Happy Valentine’s day everyone. 

Comment your favorite or least favorite Valentine’s Day memory. 


Endia XO 💋

Special thanks to my boyfriend, Aamir. You have been supportive of me over the years and you have dealt with all my shenanigans. Love you much 😘.

Happy Valentine’s Day



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